An electro shock

Picture 1 Rafale

Everyone’s mad about the two faces of their music: rhythms worthy of the best dance floors, and radical riffs to make the purest rockers turn pale. With such a delicious schizophrenic frenzy, how can we choose between beauty and the beat?

Julien Henry and Marc Aumont think it’s true: Yelle the belle brought them luck by joining them for a musical festival in Saint-Brieuc. If that really is the case, then this lucky charm is definitely still warding off bad luck today. To describe Rafale in a nutshell, let’s just say that the duo are as dual as their music. Hugely effective club electro, pitted against huge radical riffs struck with surgical precision. With such an exquisite frenetic frenzy, how can we choose between the beauty and the beat?

Beauty and the beat

Anybody who compares them to Vitalic is thinking back to the Daft Punk and Digitalism sound of their musical debut four or five years ago. Since then, Rafale has shocked the world by heading off in the opposite direction. ‘Some groups play rock for people to dance to. We are the opposite. We start up with dance floor rhythms on machines, as a springboard to something much more rock in the bass or drums’. Leaving deception aside, let’s look at this Saint-Brieuc duo’s fantastic reception. These days everybody’s mad about the men of Rafale, and they pass the madness right back to us onstage. A word of advice for anyone who hasn’t yet witnessed one of their legendary assaults, and especially in the wake of the announcement of their forthcoming first album: don’t pass up any chance you get to be at a Rafale concert – it could bring you bad luck.