The fire is spreading

Picture 1 Montgomery

You’d have thought that since 2009 and their Stromboli album, there would be nothing new left for Montgomery to do. But don’t forget the streams of live music which our favourite volcano from Rennes keeps shooting onto the music scene. These constant and unexpected eruptions are a reminder that the firebrands are still far from being burnt out.

For more than twenty years, the French magazine Les Inrockuptibles has been taken as gospel when it comes to musical criticism – and the praise they have heaped on local boys Montgomery has been glowing to say the least. As early as 2007, when the Rennes group released their first eponymous album, the magazine hailed ‘an event which has changed French pop forever’. Skipping forward two years to the meteoric Stromboli, this real nugget of volcanic rock attracted equal attention: ‘Animal Collective now has a rival. Grandaddy has an heir. Radiohead has some new playmates. Arcade Fire’s puff has been blown away by a tornado.’ Without becoming laughably sycophantic, you have to admit that this Rennes group truly does unleash the elements, juggling with soft and hard, fire and ice, heat and cold. 

A bottomless crater

Montgomery choose to sing in French to put Brits off the scent, and play on the apparent simplicity of pop melodies to suck listeners in to the abysses of their aural illusions, proclaiming earthy guitar riffs. Children of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, this Rennes line-up sucks us in to a crater of creativity deeper than any other. Whether in their explosive live performances or their volcanic rock records, this diverse group is always ready to erupt – just check out their cinema and live music performance Mad Max, which invites you to overload your senses.