Hamon Martin Quintet

C'mon c'mon Hamon!

Picture 1 Hamon Martin Quintet

Since 1998 and the sweet scent of their album La Violette, the Hamon – Martin duo have had plenty of time and talent to capitalise on its success. Whether as a duet or quintet, this Redon group are still humming away with their happy, toe-tapping tunes. A perfect way to brighten your day.

Ridée, laridé, hanter-dro, round dance, polka… the uninitiated might think you were talking about the contents of a baker’s bread basket. There is a bit of this, inasmuch as the Hamon Martin Quintet have spent ten years working at spreading these dances over the Breton mountains and valleys. So this is a group that loves dancing, then, made up of guys with a spring in their step. They began when a diabolic diatonic accordion player (Janick Martin) and a pied piper (Erwann Hamon with his bombard and flutes) joined forces in 1998 to set concert halls and fest-noz stages dancing. Joined by Mathieu Hamon’s traditional Gallic vocals, Ronan Pellen on the cittern and Erwan Volant on the bass, this quintet draws together traditional choruses and original compositions, always in a torrent of toe-tapping tunes: there’s plenty of beautiful girls in their book.

Time to dance!

Intentionally surrealist lyrics and luxuriant arrangements promise our eyes and ears the earth, whether as a duo in Sous le Tilleul (2009), or kitted out as a quintet in their magnificent L’Habit de Plume (2004) getup. Whatever the line-up, these Redon boys are still humming away with their happy, toe-tapping tunes, and will do for a long time to come. So we gather in excitement with eyes tight shut and ears wide open to dance away to these Gallic rhymes, and rhythms taken at a devil’s pace by the Hamon Martin Quintet.