Dominique A

Capital A

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One year blends into the next, and Dominique A’s albums turn up at regular intervals to lull our days with their bittersweet melancholy. And even if after almost twenty years and eight albums we thought we knew the Musique, his most recent album that came out in 2009, each new release from this adopted son of Nantes is an unforgettable surprise to our ears. So it’s no shock that all his concerts are astounding with a capital A.

Like his French pop poetry pals, Dominique A has his own inimitable style. There is Philippe Katerine the bonkers donkey and his oulipian songs; Miossec and his fiery tides of words drowning in flame; Yann Tiersen and his tunes that spin through our heads like a bicycle wheel whizzing along Brittany’s coastal paths. And then there is Dominique A. Of the four musketeers, the Nantes singer has definitely been left with the most difficult part to play – and yet… 

Bittersweet smile

Going back almost twenty years, you can’t help thinking that it must have taken a hefty dose of courage to sing Le Courage des Oiseaux. A voice and lyrics that allowed an almost feminine sensitivity to break through, minimalist arrangements that made it easier to cross romantic horizons… Playing solo behind a synth or with his guitar, Dominique Ané put a smile on our faces with his second release, La Fossette. But behind every dimple is a mischievous smile, that will flit across our faces seven more times… And we can’t say we’re sorry that Auguri’s composer hasn’t had enough yet, because that means we can look forward to more moments of pure happiness.

‘Every day is like Sunday / every day is silent and grey’, as another wretched poet once sang – English this time: Morrissey. Let’s hope that every day really is like Sunday, silent and grey, undisturbed by the noise of Bruit Blanc de l’Été, touched by heart ache with a capital A.