DJ Zebra

Who's up for mash?

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A zany zebra, a musical mixing star, the Zidane of bootleg, DJ Zebra dares to mash up The Doors and Noir Désir, Katerine and Boney M, Joey Starr and Star Wars together on his decks and create bacchanalia that merits  a place in the annals. And you can see why… This forty year old ex Billy Ze Kick Et Les Gamins En Folie bassist still thinks he can do whatever he likes.

If someone whispers in your ear that the Antoine Minne, for all his elegant demeanour, has a penchant for mashups, don’t look surprised. Fit at forty, DJ Zebra is a past master in the art of celebrating impossible marriages on his mixing desks. Impossible unions between the anachronistic or, worse, the incompatible. Imagine the stellar voice of Joey Starr shooting past Luke Skywalker’s spaceship… A blending style made popular by Belgium’s 2ManyDJs at the turn of the millennium, mashup needs a generous dose of cheek, but also plenty of musical culture. 

And if someone breathes into your shell-like ear that anybody who gets Carhaix’s traditional Breton bagad band to play Star Wars and Daft Punk to a football stadium bursting at the seams must need their head testing, then you can tell them how wrong they are. Nothing is off-limits to DJ Zebra, and nothing is impossible, not even the craziest idea that pops into your head.

Star mix

When DJ Zebra’s hands are free of his guitar, nothing can stop his turntables spinning and inventing new blends of sound: Prince vs. Gorillaz, Bob Marley vs. Soft Cell, Radiohead vs. Robert Palmer…

And if someone whispers into your ear that prior to his penchant for mashups this artist from Rennes used to roam around with a stupid big round hat jammed on his head shouting ‘eat me’, then you just gotta smile. You can’t deny that DJ Zebra’s path to glory has been quite incredible …