Craftmen Club

Garage life

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Formed in Guingamp at the turn of the millennium, the three grease monkeys of The Craftmen Club are more likely to be seen in horsehair gloves than velvet ones – and definitely not shower mitts. Claiming garage as a way of life, their music smells of sweat and grease. Time to fuel the music!


Garage against the machine? Not exactly, no. The Craftmen Club gang are children of their time and they know how to inject some electronics into their fantastic mechanics, even if it isn’t to everyone’s taste. In short, Steeve (guitar and vocals), Yann (drums) and Marco (bass) have put a tiger in their tank, and these livewires have more spark than anything we’ve seen in a long time. And all thanks to three mechanics who like to run their music in on stage, as they have shown with their three tours of France’s live venues in less than three years.

A tiger in their tank and turbo charged, but their turbo isn’t an impressive sight, this being a group that insists on dirty hands and dirty music. This is harder than it looks for our ‘prototype rock ‘n’ roll music band’, with everybody these days turning to sterile tunes and bohemian rock without the bohemians. But no big deal…

From rock to working blues

In 2002 the Craftmen slipped on their blue collars and stole the show both at the Vieilles Charrues (Old Ploughs) festival and at Transmusicales. Their raging garage with hints of heartache was a resounding hit. Their first album, Thirty Six Minutes, showed their thirst and passion for living music like the world’s gonna end. Like in their famous song I gave you orders never to play that record again, the Guingamp group are being played on a loop, turning heads as well as turntables – Les Inrockuptibles hailed them as ‘one of France’s darkest and most sparking jewels’. They’ve been described as Jon Spencer Blues Explosion crossed with 16 Horsepower, The Gun Club crossed with Nick Cave. A combustion engine with plenty of horsepower under the bonnet and pumped full of fuel, it’s time to head back to the garage. Start the engine!