Brittany knows how to party!

In Brittany, the knack for celebrating the best things in life, like music and a drink in the company of friends, is a savoir-faire that has been passed down from generation to generation. It’s a spirit that has endured because it embraces guests (the more, the merrier!) and is open to change – visitors soon discover that, in the quest for good times, the region has a tradition of looking to the future.

  • Festival du Roi Arthur - Brittany

    Festival du Roi Arthur

    This legend has grown so much that the end of August every year sees more and more people turning up in Bréal-sur-Monfort for ...

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  • Le Grand Soufflet - Brittany

    Le Grand Soufflet in Rennes

    Amid the welcome eclecticism of many festivals in the region, here’s one that sets itself apart by finding a world of variety ...

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  • Yaouank - Brittany


    The organisers say it's the biggest fest-noz in the world (fest-noz = a traditional evening of Breton music and dance) . But ...

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  • Rencontres Transmusicales - Brittany

    TransMusicales in Rennes

    At the cutting edge of the modern music scene, every year the Transmusicales de Rennes gives us a taste of the musical trends ...

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